Construction Supervision

Construction supervision and management allows us to guarantee practical contract and projects.  The construction process evaluation is computer supported and the construction supervision is continually checked for quality and functionality. Site supervision is responsible for site records, handover, runs product filling and commissioning of systems and plants.

Plant handover to the client takes place after capacity confirmations. Site management is responsible for ensuring manual revision and implementation of the building plans. These plans form the basis of the as built documentation.

Construction supervision references:

  • Upgrading of the Baumgarten natural gas hub for the OMV Gas    >>details
  • Site management of the Halle/Saale port project     >>details
  • Feasibility study, approval planning, detail engineering , right of way, surveying coordination, construction supervision for the high-pressure gas pipeline Unterkirnach-Vöhrenbach (client: EGT Triberg)  >>details
  • Havel-Oder-Wasserstraße culvert for the crude oil pipelines Heinersdorf-Spergau DN 500 and DN 700 and the product pipeline Schwedt-Seefeld DN 300 with basic design, environmental impact analysis, detail design and construction supervision  >>details
  • Construction of the natural gas storage in Haidach for the RAG Wien    >>details
  • Conversion and refurbishment of the Böhlen-Zeitz naphtha pipeline (24 km) for the transport of hydrogen and connection with the Leuna-Böhlen hydrogen pipeline   >>details
  • Approval planning, design and construction supervision for construction of protective measures for pipeline safety
  • Extension of the West-Austria-Gas (WAG) pipeline for the OMV Gas    >>details
  • Reconstruction of protective pipes around the crude oil pipelines belonging to MVL GmbH Schwedt including design and construction supervision
  • Design and construction supervision for removal of the  Spergau-Zeitz crude oil pipeline 
  • Permission planning and construction supervision to lay bundled fibre optic cables (up to 14 individual systems) for the telecommunication industry as a part of the German LWL-network   >>details
  • Refurbishment of the Böhlen-Teutschenthal ethylene pipeline and valve stations   >>details
  • Organisation of building permits (EPC) for German Reunification traffic projects   >>details
  • Organisation of preliminary and detailed building permits and on site supervision for the government approved shut-down of the Heinersdorf-Spergau crude oil pipelines 1 and 2 reserve culverts at the crossings of the Saale, Mulde, Elbe, Dahme and Müggelspree Rivers and the Oder-Spree and Finow Canals.
  • Refurbishment of pump stations in Heidekrug, Petkus and Tornau at the Heinersdorf-Spergau 1 and 2 crude oil pipelines
  • Reconstruction of the cathodic corrosion protection systems and refurbishment of a number of protective building measures along the Heinersdorf-Spergau 1 and 2 crude oil pipelines
  • Reconstruction of valve stations on the Heinersdorf-Spergau 1 crude oil pipeline, construction of valve shafts at block valve stations on the Heinersdorf-Spergau 2 crude oil pipeline
  • Construction of new slop vessel and process water tanks in the Spergau tankfarm 
  • Preparation and construction of refurbishment at the Spergau tank farm facilities and the crude oil connecting pipeline to the Leuna refinery   >>details
  • Removal of damaged sections of the Leuna - Zeitz crude oil pipeline along Highway BAB 9. The work included cause evaluation and refurbishment for safe operations
  • Relaying of the crude oil-, fuel- and ethylene-pipelines for the MIDER Refinerie 2000 project in Leuna  >>details
  • Complete automation renewal of the crude oil pipelines and tank farm systems for the MVL GmbH Schwedt   >>details
  • Reconstruction of the Spergau tank farm, tanks 1 to 10   >>details
  • Basic and detail design and construction supervision for the Zeitz-Böhlen naphtha pipeline   >>details